Villa ZeusVilla Zeus

Villa Zeus

Since Zeus is the God of Gods, this villa can embrace our guests in the same way. This is our approach to define Zeus.

Villa PoseidonVilla Poseidon

Villa Poseidon

As the younger brother of Zeus and King of the seas, this villa offers one of the most outstanding sea view and sunsets you shall never forget in your lifetime.

Villa AphroditeVilla Aphrodite

Villa Aphrodite

Throughout your days and nights in this unique villa, you shall be introduced to the Goddess of love and passion.

Villa ApolloVilla Apollo

Villa Apollo

Fill your days and nights with the light, poetry, musical and healing powers of this God.

Villa HermesVilla Hermes

Villa Hermes

Like the most famous Greek statue, Hermes of Praxitelus, this villa will introduce you to your own myth to write.

Villa AthenaVilla Athena

Villa Athena

The strongest Goddess representing wisdom. This villa may be more petite compared to the other but not less luxurious and beautiful.